Is a foundation necessary when doing your makeup?

Wearing makeup is not a new thing among women. The history of using makeup or beauty enhancing products by women is so ancient. However, like everything else, innovations have been made in these products over time. In today’s era, makeup or beauty-enhancing commodities have become an essential thing not only among women but also among men, or we can further say that it has become a necessity of people.


Makeup consists of a wide range of products that step by step beautify the skin tone, enhance the features of the face and conceal the flaws of your skin, including acne scars or any other marks. Mean, it beautifies the appearance of a person, and I must say if sensibly used.

Foundation is Essential for Perfect Makeup

In makeup, you can say that the essential thing or step is its foundation in the makeup process. The beauty of makeup highly depends on the quality of a foundation and then the way of applying a foundation.

Further, there is a wide variety of foundations. Generally speaking, there are oil-based or liquid, powdered, sticks, mineral, serum & mousse foundations, and a few more types available worldwide. The use of these foundations depends upon the skin type and weather as well.

For example, powdered foundations are primarily suitable for the oily skin type. Likewise, Serum foundations are also suitable for oily skin; cream foundations are more suitable for dry skin, and mousse foundations can be used on all skin types.

Benefits of Foundation Makeup

When we talk about weather or climate, we know it varies from one particular region to the other. People living in countries with minus temperatures have relatively dry skin. Similarly, people who belong to different regions of the world have particular skin characteristics according to weather which also matters while choosing a makeup foundation.

While talking about the skin types of people who belong to the Asian region, we know that there are some unique properties of the skin type and tone of Asians. When we have a general look at Asian skin, the first thing to be noticed is that Asians have a slightly darker skin tone than the people living in western countries.

Asian skin is a little sensitive as we have a thinner outermost layer of skin than other ethnic groups. This is the reason that Asian skin gets scars more easily. Compared to the outer skin layer, the inner layer of Asian skin is thicker and contains collagen, which maintains elasticity in the skin and is comparatively oily. This thicker layer and oily skin help maintain youthful skin for a long.

Use of foundations in Pakistan 

In context to our country Pakistan, we are blessed with different weather seasons throughout the year. Similarly, in different cities of the country, there is different weather even at the same time. So, people belong to different parts of the country have different skin type.

Pakistanis have a combination of lighter to darker skin tones and oily to dry skin types. Means, we find all type of skin and all skin tone. When we talk about suitable foundations, the most important thing is to get the foundation according to your skin tone. And this is very easy to find that suitable color.

In Pakistan, most people have oily skin. They should apply a minimal amount of face primer on their face before applying the foundation. It would help to make their skin ready for foundation. People with oily skin should apply a tiny quantity of best foundation in pakistan if they are using a liquid foundation.

Similarly, they should also use a powdered foundation or pan-cake after applying liquid or stick foundation. It will fix their foundation for long.

People having dry skin should prefer liquid foundations. They need to moisturize their skin before applying foundation to stick on their skin for an extended period.

One more critical thing, sometimes we see people having two-tone skin, and mostly they have oily skin in the T-Zone area of their face, and the rest of their face is regular. These people should prime their skin on the t-zone area only and then apply foundation accordingly.

Another essential thing that needs to be highly considered while choosing the foundation shade is that the color of the foundation must be only one shade lighter than the natural color of your skin. This is the most important thing to make sure of. Otherwise, it will not enhance your beauty and face features, and on the contrary, it will make your face look ugly.

How to get the best foundation in Pakistan according to your skin tone 

To check the suitable shade of foundation for your skin type is relatively easy as you have to apply 2-3 shades of foundation on the lower area of your wrist and the shade you feel is a little bit lighter or fairer than your own will go on your skin. This can be tested on your neck as well.

Now in Pakistan, we find a substantial variety of foundations in the market. Many clothing and apparel brands have also introduced their cosmetic range, including high-quality foundations. Cosmetic products from many international well-known brands are now also available in Pakistan.

I want to conclude on this note that the spirit of makeup is to enhance natural beauty. So, don’t use makeup to look fairer. One should be very much particular while selecting or buying something to apply on one’s face especially.